What causes that?

As a mother of three boys and clearly pregnant with another we get a lot of comments from strangers. I have heard it all!

“Are they twins?”

“Are your twins maternal or paternal?”

“Are they identical? They don’t look identical.”

“Are you creating a football team?”

“Were they test tube babies?”

“Big brother is so close in age I bet he’s jealous of them right?”

“Were they all planned?”

“Are you trying to match 19 kids and counting?”


When I say I have heard it all I really have. I’ve also gotten some not so nice comments like “Look at that dumb young mom?”. Usually I can shrug rude comments off. At 25 with soon to be 4 kids I have learned to ignore the rude comments. Humans can be cruel and judgmental. Why let them bring me down?

Last night we were walking through Walmart when a older gentleman (I’ll call him that instead of the million of things I WANT to call him) walked up to our growing family of 5 and said to my husband “Don’t you know what causes that?”. Without another thought my husband looked at him and said “Nope. Haven’t figured it out yet.” He handled the situation pretty smoothly.

I have 3 kids and a protruding belly. I get it. I’m a walking freak show with screaming toddlers, the prego waddle, and the messy mommy bun because we all know I didn’t have time to brush my own hair before walking out the door. Hey, my boys look like they are dressed to meet the President so who cares what I look like right? I get these kind of comments all the time but this particular guy rubbed me the wrong way.

I was looking at my husband when I decided that from now on when responding to this question I would be VERY honest. Are you asking if I know that intercourse causes babies? Why yes, yes I do but I just love my husband to much to give it up. 😉 After all, in order to have a happy home you have to have a happy husband.

Since when is it appropriate to talk about my sex life in public or in front of my children? They don’t need to know where they came from yet! Sheesh man. I’m not ready for that conversation just yet. Give me a few years! Dang!

Really though, my question to all you parents out there is: What is your response when people ask these questions? I am needing some new witty things to say back to them! Hit me with your best shot!









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