Adventures and Misfortunes of Twinhood

Tonight something happened to me that I just have to laugh at. One of those belly aching laughs that you can’t control. I literally laughed so hard I was crying big crocodile tears. If you have issues with anything gross that’s baby related this is not the blog post for you.

I would not say we are the definition of attachment parenting  but we do tend to lean that way a bit. So once a week or so I like to enjoy some play time with my 1 year olds in the bath. It also makes bath time easier as my growing belly makes it hard to bend that far anymore. Its kind of their special mommy time.  Tonight was that one night of the week. We were all preparing to get in the tub when my husband walks in and gasps. I turn quickly because he’s not the overly dramatic type and what do I find? Not just ONE baby is sitting on the bathroom floor rolling in feces but TWO babies are sitting in the floor rolling in one of their poops. Now which baby did the deed the world may never know. How my pregnant nose did not catch them before this point is astounding to me.

I wanted to be mad. I wanted to puke my guts out but there they were, covered from head to toe in baby poop, wide eyed and wearing a big ole grin. How, even at this very horrible point in time, can you look at them and not laugh or enjoy the pure innocence of these children? Only at one will they do such silly things and it be so comical. I couldn’t help but giggle hysterically as my husband and I cleaned them off and he continuously groaned saying “this is SO nasty!”. He didn’t find the humor in it but I sure did.

After having cleaned up their mess we finished our bath with more giggles and laughs. My husband just kept asking if I wanted to bathe with two poopy babies. As if I would let that stop me.  I’m scared of two things in life and poop isn’t one of them. Probably why the big man upstairs decided I needed so many kids so close together. Only the strong can overcome the poop messes. Ha!

Being a twin mom has its very hard days. But I have learned that if you do not laugh at the little things it makes the big things ten times harder to overcome. So laugh it off and enjoy their innocence while it lasts.  A little poop never hurt anyone after all. 😉 Haha.


Much love from me and these goofy little boys. 🙂



One thought on “Adventures and Misfortunes of Twinhood

  1. Adorable! I probably wouldn’t have climbed in with them, but I’m also not sporting a baby bump either. I’m sure it’s not practical in any sense of the word to try and lean over the tub to bathe them. Sometimes my son tags along in the shower with me if he vomits and it gets into his hair. It’s almost impossible to get out in the bath and I have to shower regardless.

    Anyway! Thank you for sharing! It made me smile :).



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