Kids VS. Technology

I was sitting in the bathroom bathing my kids when my phone went off. I knew it wasn’t anyone important but the little light on my phone was driving me crazy. I couldn’t help but check it. It was almost as if it was an involuntary reflex. As if my mind was saying “Don’t worry about it” but my hand was craving for it, almost as if it was a drug and I the addict. I turned away from the bath for just a  few seconds. Do you know how fast a child can drown in the bath tub? Less than 10 seconds. In the few seconds it took me to reach and get my phone (which WAS in the bathroom with us) my child, or all three of them, could have died. It was in that moment I decided no amount of technology was worth losing one of my children.

After getting them from the bath I did a little experiment. I sat in their bedroom floor with a pen and paper and decided to set a timer. It was 6:22pm. The timer was to go off at 6:40. I sat and observed my children playing and wrote down every time one of them came to me, looked at me, or spoke to me in those 18 minutes.

These are just two of the pages of things I wrote down in the 18 minutes I was sitting in the floor. Had I been on my phone or on the computer this would have been 18 minutes of cuddles, laughs, waves, touches, and play that I would have missed out on. The sad reality is that how many times throughout the day have they tried to do those things and I been to “busy” to notice? How many nights have they wanted cuddles but something on Facebook caught my attention first?

Technology is an amazing thing. It has helped save so many lives and provided people with opportunities that they may have not had before. There is no doubt that technology CAN benefit the world but it can also harm just as quickly.

The average American from the ages of 25-54 spends about 4.7 hours a day on their phones and social media sites. That is 4.7 hours a day we could be spending with our children rather than those on social media. 4.7 hours is a HUGE chunk of the day simply wasted away for what reason? Social interaction? Is it worth ignoring your children for?

I am just as guilty of this as anyone else. It wasn’t until last night that I realize just exactly how strong my “bond” was with my phone. When it is lost I panic. When I cannot answer I stress that it was something important. I even lay next to my husband at night ignoring him for Facebook.

I will be this way NO MORE! My goal is to go on a 30 social media black out! I have shut down all of my social media sites and other than the blog plan on staying off of my phone and the computer. I want to see just how much I can improve the lives of my children as well as mine and my husbands.

I want to play with my children more. Love them more. Put them first above everything except their daddy. And I want to improve my marriage. I want to be able to lay in bed and have sex instead of reaching for my phone. I want to have a conversation with my husband instead of those on my social media sites. I want to focus on what is IN my house rather than what is outside of it.

Are you willing to take this challenge with me and see just how much your life/family improves as well? I would love to hear from you!


Much love,




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