Why you should encapsulate your placenta!


Before you give me the “oh that’s so disgusting! I could never ingest my placenta!” hear me out! Don’t tune me out before we even get started because I can assure you, you’ll be missing out on something great!

When people ask me what I do, and I reply with “I am a placenta encapsulation specialist” I frequently hear “ew that’s so gross”. And if you’re reading this, you may probably be shaking your head saying the same thing thinking I’m some crazy hippie woman. I can assure you, I am not!

What I am is someone who has seen the benefits of placenta encapsulation first hand. I have watched countless women take their pills or their tincture and completely be astonished by the results. I have watched women suffer for years with postpartum depression and after their new bundle arrives they start taking their pills and suddenly they aren’t so sad anymore. They can laugh and really enjoy their new baby.


You are probably wondering what the benefits of ingesting your placenta are. Well let me tell you!

  • Decrease in postpartum depression levels
  • Restores iron levels in your blood
  • Increase in milk production
  • Release of extra oxytocin which helps aid in bonding with baby
  • Helps return the uterus to its original size
  • Increase in CRH- A stress reducing hormone
  • Aids in postpartum healing
  • Increased energy

These are just a few of the benefits that could happen if you chose to encapsulate your placenta!

I would also like to mention that with placenta encapsulation you can also have a tincture done. A placenta tincture virtually has an endless shelf life. It has been known to help the mother as she goes through menopause and help the daughter as she hits puberty. If you don’t believe me, try it! Let the encapsulated placenta speak for itself!


Much love, MFDS