Ah-Ha Mommy Moment

You know that moment when you get a brilliant idea or when something just “clicks”? The little light in your head goes on and all of the sudden everything seems more clear? I had this moment a few days ago. I will go ahead and say this though, it wasn’t the average Ah-Ha moment, more of a realization of sorts. It was the moment I knew without a shadow of a doubt that mommyhood had taken over my life. Not in the routine day to day life but in every aspect.

I was gifted something that truly made my day. I was so giddy, almost as happy as the little girl who gets to paint her own nails for the first time. Words cannot truly describe how happy this gift made me. Are you ready to hear what this amazing gift was? It was a set of freemies! What are those you ask? They are these tiny little cups that allow you to pump breast milk while still FULLY clothed! Aside from the hum of the pump and the odd shaped boobies nobody would ever know! Now why does this make me so happy? Because bearing your breasts for the world to see every two hours isn’t as appealing as I pictured. My mother has some very awesome *can you feel the sarcasm? * pictures of me while pumping. I felt, and looked, like a cow being milked. No more!

It was as I was jumping for joy that it hit me. I am the true definition of a mother. When things like pumping my boobs privately seems like a gift from the heavens. When my oldest no longer asks me why there’s white stuff coming from my nipples. Children are so innocently curious aren’t they? Haha.

It was in that moment that I realized mommyhood had become me. We were one. There was nothing I could do to fight it as I had tried for so long. I am now sneaking thin mint cookies in the bathroom, overly excited by the thought of pumping in private, and relaxed at the sound of my children’s laughter. Mommyhood and I have become one, and I’m totally okay with that!


Much love,