To the Mom of Boys

To the mom of boys:
I would like to say it gets easier but it doesn’t. From the moment they are peeing in your lap to the moment they move out and start peeing on their OWN toilet seat it is hard. You fight to raise the perfect man and sometimes question your ability to do so. But let me tell you that you are doing great! As a woman raising a boy into a man is hard. We are not built the same, we are not built the same, and surely we don’t think the same. Its hard but you are doing it and you are fantastic!

There will be days when you get so tired of cleaning up the muddy floors or don’t want to clean off one more knee scrape. There will be days when you scream “aim for the toilet and not the floor” or “stop touching that thing or it will fall off!” but those days are minimal. There will also be a day when you can’t remember the last time you had to scream that. The hard days don’t last. They may seem never ending now but when you look back they will be but a speck in the grand scheme of life. Your kitchen cabinets will stay stocked, your bathroom will stay clean, there will no longer be mounds of laundry to do. He won’t always want to sit in your lap. He won’t be crying on your shoulder anymore. One day you will look at your little boy and realize that he’s not a little boy anymore. Because one day he won’t be. He will be a grown man  yelling those same things at his own little boy. Kissing his booboos and providing for his family. One day you won’t be the one taking care of him, she will. Those days come sooner than you realize.

For now enjoy the cute, cuddly, little boy you have sitting next to you picking his boogers. You will miss this and it comes sooner than you think. You will never know when the “last time” will be but it will come and you won’t realize it until after it is gone.




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